What is Biodegradable Plastic PLA?
PLA, or polylactide is made from corn starch or sugar and it is biodegradable. It is the most environmentally friendly material available for this type of 3D printing. Facilities all around the country accommodate PLA as recyclable and compostable material.

How to clean and store 3D printed cookie cutter?
Store in a cool/dry place. Cutter can/will warp on temperatures at or above 122F/50C.
Do not keep in direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources
Do not place in an oven, microwave, and do not wash in the dishwasher.
To clean wash with a sponge, soap, and in cool/lukewarm water.

What is the difference between a cutter and a stamp?
The stamp is the outline separate from the impression. The cutter is the all in one piece. The cutter is the same look as the main photo

Why would I need to choose a stamp?
There are a variety of reasons why some customers choose the stamp over the cutter. Customers have told me that they use it for kids crafts like play-doh, some use it for making mugs or clay items, but one of the main reasons is that some people like the control of cutting the outline before the impression

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