Crashpixel CMS

"Don't work for your CMS. Let your CMS work for you."

We are proud of our CMS and how far it has come from a mashed together basic admin section to the adult that it is today. Like we mentioned before. We are proud and trust our CMS that the current site that you are viewing is currently running off it. Not a lot of companies can say that now a days. They say they built one but they are using another service to edit it.

One reason that we have created our own CMS is that others want you to work for the CMS. Instead of the CMS working for you. We feel that the CMS should be your slave instead of you being its.  

Our cms features include (see details below):

Future but not far off features will include:


Multi-site Support

We have included the ability to host one CMS and point multiple domains to it. This way you do not need different hosting accounts, databases, or logins. We also included the option to limit users to either multi-domain or single domain editing. 

Hosted site support

On top of multi-site support we have built in a hosted site system. You can create a new site within the CMS and edit all the content. Once you add a file to the hosted site it will contact your cms and output all the correct page data. This way you only have one system but multiple clients you can edit for. 

Template system

Like any CMS we have created a template system. But what do we do different? Everything! We make the CMS work for you. Not have you work for the CMS. That means no more having to learn PHP when you just know HTML/CSS. Instead we have template items like {content} which print out the content for the page

Page Caching

You know of those sites that run slow or don't load. Well page caching helps with all of that. What page caching does is reduce server load. Ex: If 1k people go to your site at once then the server has to connect to the database 1k times. But if there is no new edits to the site, then instead it will show a copy of that page instead of loading it. So the first person to view the new content will make a copy and the other 999 will see the copy. 

Integrated SEO

We have seen a lot of different CMS that needed a plugin in order to integrate SEO into your site. So we decided to just include it in the core of the CMS instead of adding a plugin. We have also included a sitemap for the search engines.

Page/blogpost revisions

No one is perfect. So that is why we added page/blogpost revisions. Just in case you need to go back to the last saved version of the page/blogpost?

File management System

We have integrated a file management system so can use/store/organize your files that you would like to keep. Its your server space use it how you want to.

Multi-Blog Support

We have added a multiple blog system to the CMS so you don't have to go anywhere else. But for the comments we added disqus and facebook comments so it can weed out spam bots. We found it more worth your time in the end.

Master Controls

If you are a web designer but need to control the CMS we have integrated some master controls so you can limit certain aspects of it. Ex: how many users, number of blogs, number of pages, etc. On top of that we allow you to create a master login so you can always get into the CMS if something goes wrong.

User activity/error log 

Want to keep tabs on what your users or CMS is doing? Well we have taken care of that. You can see the user activity log to make sure that your staff are not doing anything wrong. Or you can see if the CMS is running right or spitting out errors.

Compressed pages

Bandwidth is like gold these days. That's why every page on either the admin section or even your website is automatically compressed when viewed. This not only helps keep your bandwidth low on your server, but lowers the data usage for your clients when they view the site.

Inactivity Timer

We don't always remember to logout of our things when we leave our computer. But you dont have to worry about it anymore. When you are inactive on your CMS for 20 minutes then it will automatically log you out. This helps prevent people from doing bad things when you are out. 


Internal Messaging System

Instead of trying to maintain a Business with different programs we decided to include an internal messaging system in the CMS. You can message everyone within your system with just a click. Just imagine, logging on the cms in the morning and being able to take care of problems instead of it overwhelming your inbox.